The best phone system
with its own built-in CRM

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All the advantages Kavkom
for your workplace telephony

Cloud telephony tools
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Optimize your workplace telephony

Manage your calls thanks to the Phone System and international virtual numbers; organize your prospecting and manage your customer relations with the intuitive and powerful Hybrid CRM (contact, calendar, emails…).

Optimize your workplace telephony
Boost your productivity

Boost your productivity

Count on Predictive Dialer to drive your outbound campaigns and optimize the performance of your sales prospecting teams. Help your agents exceed their conversion goals with optimal tracking by connecting them with our Hybrid CRM.

Generate leads and sales

Easily generate new leads thanks to the wide net cast by the Kavkom Call Robot. Lay the groundwork for your sales teams by delivering targeted messages to millions of potential customers. And convert the most reactive ones using CRM tools.

Generate leads and sales


In less than one minute, expand your workplace telephony

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