About us

Kavkom offers its customers an array of reliable, customized and accessible business telephony solutions accompanied by an available and responsive customer service.

Our mission

Launched in 2012, Kavkom is a player in helping companies grow by providing them with a complete range of communication tools based on VOIP technology. Modernize business communications and collaboration in the workplace with the tools that are revolutionizing business telephony in terms of:

  • user friendliness
  • cost reduction
  • impact on performance

Kavkom develops and provides affordable and easy-to-use, online telephony systems adapted to your company profile: Call Centers, Client Services, Teleworking…

Kavkom, fully committed to the success of our clients.


We are servicing more than

65 000



We manage

30 000 000

minutes of calls per month


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About us

Business telephony solutions

Business telephony solutions:

Thanks to their extensive technical expertise and ability to adapt to new technologies, Kavkom solutions allow you to exploit the advantages of hosted communication and collaboration. And to bridge the gap between today’s economic power and tomorrow’s performance.

  • Online hosting
  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Accessible around the world
  • Convenient; managed from a simple broadband internet connection
  • Economical, with no maintenance costs and no additional tools required
  • HD quality both in terms of listening and tool reliability
  • Innovative and in line with the latest technological developments – Adapted to all types of companies (call centers, customer services, teleworking)
  • Focused on Performance Optimization
  • No obligation

The tools that are revolutionizing business telephony

  • The Phone System, Professional Telephone Switchboard VOIP IPBX
  • Virtual / Geographic numbers KAVKOM, the proximity advantage
  • The KAVKOM CRM, Hybrid Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Predictive Dialer, predictive dialing software made in Kavkom
  • Robot Dialer, software for automatic voice messaging

All the tools you need to improve sales, communication and customer service..
Kavkom, fully committed to the success of our clients.

The tools that are revolutionizing business telephony

Kavkom is also a powerful and innovative marketing department, booming in web development. The marketing team led by Zacharie Frankel works closely with our graphic design crew to bring out the best synergies. Teamwork is Kavkom’s core strategy…

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