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API Software Integration

Use KAVKOM’s API to improve your productivity by connecting your preferred CRM/ERP software or platform with your phone system.

What can KAVKOM software integration do for you?

The data generated by your communication activities can be linked to your favourite planning and management software via our application programming interface (API software). You thus have access to extended features, including automation of your business processes.

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Key Characteristics of the KAVKOM

Save time
Provide your team the resources they need to help your business achieve success, as well as tools that are synchronized and updated in real time. Save precious time and see a net improvement in productivity with automatic data display, note taking and the modification of customer’s records during calls, consolidation of your statistics, archives of exchanges with your customers, and more.

Getting to know your customers
Develop thorough knowledge of your clientele by quickly accessing your data libraries and specific histories of
exchanges with your customers. Use the coordinated archiving system, which combines call and computer data, to conduct perfectly targeted prospecting and advertising campaigns.

Integrate CRM/ERP software
KAVKOM’s software integration solutions are compatible with numerous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) software. Take advantage of the set of tools provided by KAVKOM to make efficient use of our programming interface and to easily coordinate communications between your software and our platform.

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