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Kavkom technical assistance… Made to order

Kavkom provides you with an experienced support team with in-depth technical resources and expertise to provide a relevant response to your needs.

Assistance with business telephony solutions, advice on the use of Tools and Software… whatever the nature of the request, your status as a Kakvom customer allows you to benefit from the immediate response, privileged contact and personalized service of a dedicated technician.

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Kavkom promises to


Provide a reliable diagnostic and instant fix for your technical problems with direct access to Kavkom’s ‘product’ experts.


Keep your Cloud Telephony installations on the cutting edge with privileged access to product updates and technological innovations.


Maximise the value offered to your business by Kavkom products and solutions

Kavkom, at your service


An experienced, highly qualified and available team.


Dedicated technicians doing personalized follow-ups on your file.


Support services with proven reliability in multiple sectors of activity.


Guaranteed availability in more than 40 geographical areas around the world


Individual distance training on Kavkom products by specialists

Kavkom, the best quality of service and support for your business

Kavkom, the best quality service and assistance for your company

Personalized support, extensive expertise, regular updates of products and services with high added value: all essential assets of Kavkom technical support that guarantee the reliability of your business telephony tools and solutions.

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