Optimize your business phone systems thanks to Kavkom

Manage all your calls in 1 click on the Kavkom Phone System get close to you customer base thanks to geographic numbers. Organize your prospecting with Kavkom Hybrid CRM

Make the move to Workplace telephony 2.0

The advent of new technologies has led to the evolution of workplace telephony, extending the range of available features by going digital and using virtual numbers or coupling of a CRM with the calling system.

Kavkom, 3 tools to revolutionize your workplace telephony:


Your phone system
Tailor-made Centrex

Kavkom Phone System, the ideal solution for your workplace telephony.

Give your company the benefit of a professional switchboard with the innovative features of IPBX VOIP technology at a lower cost.
Kavkom Phone System is a professional switchboard based in the Cloud. In short, this system allows you to digitize all your business communications and guarantee their management via an Internet Interface.

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Phone System

All Phone System features

1 free virtual number
HD voice quality
RING Groups
Call transfers
Incoming call blocking
Call Restriction
Call history
Call recording
Internal calls
Two-way calls
Call interception
User profiles
User group management
Line management interface
Fleet supervision
Multi-site Management
Internal conversation surveillance
File retrieval/display
Incoming call managment
Send SMS
Send e-mails
Google Maps Localization
Contact file comments
Customizable sales pitch
Export/Import Contacts
Export call history
Export line statistics
Statistics per number
Statistics per workstation/operator
Statistics per country
Global statistics
See call statistics in realtime
Customizable voicemail
Missed call to e-mail
Voice messages to e-mail
Fax to e-mail
Customizable on-hold music
Click to Call CRM
Click to Call – Chrome Extension
Conference room
CTI – Web Interface
Caller queue
Cloud Storage via Dropbox
Hybrid CRM
VSI Menu
Business hours
On-hold music

Advantages of the Kavkom switchboard


Your telephone calls go through your HD Internet connection, with no cost for maintenance


100% outsourcing of telephony. No material required outside telephone sets


Adding a line to the fleet or pairing a line with a substation is done with total autonomy, on the online interface


Maintenance is guaranteed by Kavkom, your telecom service provider, relieving you of all technical concerns

Kavkom Virtual/
Geographic Numbers, the advantage of being local

Virtual Numbers

Become a world-class company with Kavkom virtual numbers

Geographic numbers or virtual numbers bolster your professional image and strengthen the standing of your company.
By “bringing it closer” virtually to its customers, they help accelerate its entry into new foreign markets and ultimately increase the volume of its sales internationally.

In practical terms, a virtual number allows you to provide a local telephone number and allow people to call you at the local rate from anywhere in the world.

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All the features of virtual numbers

Call transfers
International phone number
Free call recording

Advantages of Kavkom virtual numbers




You can provide a local telephone number no matter where you are actually located. Easily reachable, you maintain a local feel that benefits your customer relations.




Your calls are routed from anywhere in the world for the price of a local call. And you are reachable at a local number in your customers’ countries, usually free of charge.




Redirect your calls thanks to the advanced features of the Box Selective Voice (Interactive Voice Server), capable of handling numerous calls simultaneously.




Kavkom guarantees the “portability” of your current telephone number and provides it with a range of advanced digital features.

Kavkom CRM, optimized management of your customer relations

Kavkom CRM is included free of charge in the offer when you purchase a package deal

CRM with built-in Phone System

With any purchase of a KAVKOM package, you benefit from the exclusive use of a Hybrid CRM, specially developed by KAVKOM’s teams to complete the Phone System.
Opening the door to a multitude of features, the combined action of the CRM and the KAVKOM Phone System revolutionizes the management of your Customer Relations. For the better.

Kavkom CRM is a simple and intuitive software. Combined with our Phone System, it facilitates the organization of your customer relations thanks to a range of hybrid features.
It’s a software that serves to qualify your prospects and customers, to better manage the flow of their relations with the company. And this, with the aim of converting them and building their loyalty.

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Le Phone System intégré au CRM

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Kavkom CRM features

Lead management
Customizable modules
Customizable fields
Distance between appointments
Event creation
User access management
Send e-mails
Send SMS
SMS and e-mail templates
Lead conversion
Importing leads
Customizable tags

Advantages of a Hybrid CRM


Centralization of all customer data for decision-making with ease.


Readability of the status of relations with each customer for more control over your campaigns.


Personalized follow-up and reliability of statistical indicators, guarantees quality of service.


Improvement of internal exchanges trade thanks to a variety of communication channels

In less than one minute, expand your workplace telephony

and test all of Kavkom’s potential on its secure platform


Compliance with the GDPR of Juin 2018


Telephone system accredited by the CNIL


Black list features certified by a bailiff in compliance with 2020 law


Operator approved by Arcep

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