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Transform your contact center into a strategic customer experience management tool.

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Your contact center is made modern and interactive thanks to Kavkom tools. Fully equipped to meet the challenge of responding to an increasingly connected customer base, you can count on our telephony and management solutions to provide impeccable customer service 24 hours a day.

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Advantages of the Made in Kavkom Contact Center

A highly developed call transfer strategy

A highly developed call transfer strategy

Efficiently direct callers to the appropriate queue based on operator’ availability and activities. No more wait times and call routing errors!

Responsiveness, personalization and fluidity

Responsiveness, personalization and fluidity

By interacting with the databases and customer files available on the interface, your operators personalize their calls and streamline customer interactions. Among other data, the dropped call rate provides a valuable indicator of customer satisfaction.

Focus on operator productivity

Focus on operator productivity

Kavkom Phone System’s call monitoring and supervision options make it easy for you to analyze operator productivity. In 1 click, listen in on a call in progress and intervene if necessary to train your operator without the customer being aware of it.

Call recording

Call recording

Record calls and keep them for 3 months at no extra charge. (Or unlimited on your Connected Dropbox Space) With these recordings that can be replayed and downloaded at will from your client space, review the conversations between customers and operators in 1 click (Service in accordance with the GDPR of May 25, 2018).

Features of the telephony of tomorrow

Features of the telephony of tomorrow
  • Operator dashboard on the online interface
  • Automatic contact file retrieval/display upon reception of their call
  • Indication of the operator’s status
  • Agent supervision tools
  • Smart call queues (IVR, dynamic routing, performance-based, directly by operator…)
  • Permissions & Call queue status in realtime
  • Call queue history and reports

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