Customer Service

Customer Service, a strategic driver of corporate growth, must deal with high demands in terms of its handling of calls. With its digitalized telephony solutions and performance applications, Kavkom offers an ambitious response for Customer Service departments looking to evolve.

Business telephony in service of the customer

For the customer service departments of businesses, the telephone, a vector for the expression of emotions and confidence, remains the indispensable communication tool for achieving their goals. Whether they are focused on pre-sale activities – advice and guidance before purchasing a product – or post-sale activities – support and assistance, Customer Service plays a crucial role in the company’s relationship with its customers. Customer Service representatives are the voice of the company; they are the ones who listen, inform, advise, reassure, handle, solve problems and impact the degree of customer satisfaction, their loyalty rate and, ultimately, the volume of customer purchases.

Their telephony tools must therefore be as efficient as those of your sales department.

Customer Service needs in terms of telephony

The customer service of any company – small, medium or large – needs:

To be responsive, able to respond immediately
to customer calls

  • Your agents need only an Internet connection to handle customer calls.
  • Phone System with IPBX VOIP technology
  • Access to the Phone System from an interface accessible via simple internet connection
  • Virtual switchboard ensuring the smooth routing of incoming calls: two-way calls, on-hold calls…
  • Connected to the Telephone, Softphone, Webphone and even Smartphone

To offer a telephone reception exemplary of
the company, able to direct the customer to the right department

  • Customer calls, distributed according to a chosen configuration, never go unanswered
  • Interactive Voice Server for customer interaction and redirection of the customer to the right department
  • Customized voice messages and on-hold music
  • Creation of customized messages, with company-specific tones, by the Kavkom studio.
  • Notification of calls on the interface or by email, message storage, call forwarding

To offer support as close as possible to the customer, in
the language and normal hours of the given geographical area

  • In just a few clicks, assign your customer service department a local number in the countries of your choice
  • International Virtual Numbers in over 40 countries
  • Assign numbers to “geographic” call groups
  • Set up call groups according to time zone, operator language…
  • Record voice messages in the required language on the Interactive Voice Server

To register customer and
call handling information

  • Your operators can access customer information in realtime for a more satisfying service
  • Automatic display of files at the time of the call
  • Access to customer information on the interface linked to Hybrid CRM
  • Realtime editing of forms – customer information and call comments
  • Customer relations management thanks to the CRM (Notifications, Messages, Agenda)

To ensure continuity of
file processing between operators in different departments

  • All of your teams’ operators have access to customer information and tools to facilitate their collaboration
  • Instant access to all customer files: notes, comments and recordings
  • Editing of customer information on the CRM using modules, fields, customizable tags
  • Call transfers, conference calls between several collaborators, messaging
  • Scheduling of file follow-up tasks in the Agenda and their Assignment to collaborators

To have the capacity manage large volumes
of calls, build loyalty and upsell

  • Customer Service enjoys tools that improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty and upsell
  • Predictive Dialer: predictive dialing software to contact a maximum number of customers
  • Detection and avoidance of answering machines, wrong numbers, faxes… to reduce downtime
  • Customizable sales pitches, according to the services and skills of the operators
  • Access to comprehensive call statistics and conversion measurement tools

To support the progress of support teams through
supervision and training

  • Managers have mechanisms to support the progress of Customer Service representatives
  • Cloud-based recording and storage of conversations and call data
  • Devices for monitoring and eavesdropping on conversations
  • Statistics and data relative to the processing of files
  • Realtime intervention of the supervisor in a customer – operator conversation

Kavkom telephony tools in service of your Customer Service

Kavkom’s business telephony tools respond to the specific needs of Customer Service departments and even exceed their expectations thanks to the development of extremely practical features.

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