Configuration App Smartphone Apple -

Configuration and installation of the Application Apple iOS

Configuration of the App Apple IOS


1. Download the Kavkom application in the apple store or by clicking here

2. Install the software

3. Launch the application .

4. Click on the "Start" button below to start configuring the Kavkom application.


5. Click on "I already have a SIP account".


6. Enter your usernames received by email as the sample image below.

Telephone switchboard username

Extension Group Context Password
101 France m1u7N5gcVN
102 France !wpw?tdCTT
103 France jgE!RQj!Y6
104 France BSUPGL$Eh0
105 France TLLcQ*PFg9


7. Check UDP then click on the "Register" button


8. You are logged in.


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