Even small businesses, like online stores, need efficient telephony solutions due to their limited amount of human and financial resources. Thanks to its mastery of IP technologies, Kavkom, provides these tiny structures with access to professional telephony solutions, until now reserved for large companies.

E-commerce, telephony as a growth driver

For an online store, the telephone service is an essential growth factor. Telephone contact helps build a strong relationship with customers looking for a reliable business. Especially when the store sells expensive services or products. It also promotes fast service; problem solving, information provision or advice giving, in a short amount of time. And above all, it enriches the customer’s shopping experience, quickly building customer loyalty. Finally, it is an excellent means of gathering information; understanding how customers perceive products, services and the company’s image through immediate, direct and warm contact. Nevertheless, the choice of a telephone service must be made with the utmost care, otherwise it can prove to be expensive and time-consuming.

E-Commerce / Commerce

The needs of e-commerce sites in terms of telephony

Online stores need:

To be able to manage a telephone service with a small staff

  • Manage all your business telephony online, with a simple Internet connection
  • Web interface combining a complete system of business telephony and multi-feature CRM
  • Scalable, Cloud-based IP telephony solution that can connect to many tools
  • Connected to all phones, smartphones and Webphone (digital touchpad)
  • Centralizing the management of the telephone fleet, calls and customer relations

To be able to provide quality telephone reception for all requests

  • Ensure a 24/7 phone reception with Kavkom’s IPBX Virtual Switchboard
  • Pre-pickup: immediate call handling, with music and on-hold messages
  • Configurable Interactive Voice Response, directing the caller to the right department or voicemail
  • Communication of opening hours outside of which the customer leaves a voicemail message
  • Two-way calls, queuing, message recording and notifications in case of absence

To be accessible, as close as possible to Internet users

  • Give your online store a local number and the geographical location that goes with it
  • Virtual numbers with local pricing as close as possible to the customer, to be communicated on the store
  • Creation of 1 number per department – sales or support – routed to the same user
  • Set the greeting for each number according to business hours, service offered
  • Recording of voice messages on the Interactive Voice Response

To distinguish between sales and support calls

  • Save time by adapting telephone answering to the nature of the service: sales or support.
  • Interactive Voice Response: pre-recorded message broadcast based on service number
  • Customizable voice menu: creation of scenarios to guide and sort calls efficiently
  • Interactivity: the caller hears the menu and finds their way by pressing their phone keys
  • Identification of the purpose of the call and redirection to the appropriate destination; extension, voicemail

To exploit the potential of the website to generate calls

  • This feature helps facilitate interactions from the e-commerce site
  • The number of your telephone service is highlighted on the store’s website
  • Connection: Visitors initiate the call with a click from their smartphone
  • Orientation: Their call is picked up immediately by the Interactive Voice Response.
  • Routing: Customers are redirected to a human operator or a voicemail, depending on what time it is

To manage customer relations effectively

  • Benefit from a range of tools for managing customer relations and boost your in-store sales
  • Automatic display of files at the time of the call
  • Access to customer information on the Hybrid CRM interface
  • Realtime file editing – info, comments – and relationship follow-up thanks to the CRM
  • Performance tracking on clear statistical tables, measuring call time and profitability

A lean, efficient and cost-effective telephone infrastructure

  • Kavkom’s Cloud-based telephony solution is as light as it is economical
  • Activation in less than a minute with simple broadband internet connection
  • IP telephony solution hosted in the cloud and fully operable from the web interface
  • No installation, hardware or maintenance costs
  • Complete packages with no hidden costs, adapted to the budgets of small structures, with no longterm obligation

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