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Reduce your direct annual telephony costs by 40% by taking advantage of all the benefits of IP telephony with the Kavkom IP Centrex unlimited plans

Why choose IP Centrex as a business telephony solution?

For companies, telephony remains the main communication tool; ahead of emailing, texting and social networks. For one simple and good reason: the telephone remains the most interactive channel, providing the company with a direct and instantaneous connection with its customers, partners, suppliers and employees. The strategic nature of telecommunications therefore requires the adoption of a business telephony solution that is:

  • Qualitative, providing impeccable call quality
  • Powerful, connected to all telephony and customer management tools
  • Competitive, freeing up the telephony budget of your company
IP Centrex Kavkom

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    The solution: lP Centrex technology

    Outsourcing for better telephony

    IP Centrex is a business telephony solution combining the advantages of internet telephony (VoIP) with those of a virtual PABX IP switchboard. This technology provides for the hosting of the IPBX, a private branch exchange using the IP protocol, the “virtual PABX”, on a secure platform.

    The solution: lP Centrex technology

    The Kavkom IP Centrex offers:

    • a quality HD call, smooth and impeccable
    • access to IP telephony and all the features of an IPBX hosted externally. In particular, the possibility to link your telephony to connected solutions such as the hybrid CRM allowing for automatic file retrieval, sending of emails…
    • a reduction in telephony budgets, thanks to the outsourcing of the management of the voice over IP network system. No switchboard installation or maintenance required

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    user / month
    100% unlimited inbound calls
    Mobile redirection included
    Virtual number offered


    user / month
    100% unlimited inbound and
    outbound calls
    Virtual number offered


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    Avantags of the IP Centrex

    Discover the multiple advantages of Kavkom IP Centrex for your telephony.

    Kavkom IP Centrex allows your company to benefit from all the services and features that IP telephony offers. This mature and reliable Kavkom technology gives your company the possibility of having telecommunications on par with the highest quality standards, and with a guarantee of uninterrupted service.

    IP Centrex is synonymous with simplified management for your business telephony. The instantaneous deployment of the IP Centrex is done smoothly, without disruption of your operations. Going forward, a single contact will install, maintain and train you in the management of your remote telephony. No additional hardware to install in your offices, no maintenance team to hire.

    With an IP Centrex, you have a personalized and secure interface from which you can manage your telephone system with complete autonomy. If the size of your staff changes, the addition of new lines and their connection to the workstations of new recruits is done in a few clicks. The IP Centrex therefore enables a strong evolution of your telephony based on the development of your company and the evolution of its needs.

    Last but certainly not least, the Kavkom IP Centrex offers your company better control over its telecommunication costs. No investment in new telephone equipment is required, no extra communication costs added to the sticker price, nor any hidden maintenance costs to cover. KAVKOM’s IP Centrex package is 100% unlimited, an All-Included Guarantee. In addition to total visibility regarding your telephony costs, it offers you a dedicated and responsive Support & Maintenance service, and access to a complete CRM interface. In the end, you will make significant savings in your Telecommunications department, on the order of 40%, with this ultra-comprehensive telephony offer.

    vantags of the IP Centrex


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