Robot Dialer

Optimize your outbound calling campaigns,
up to 150,000 simultaneous calls per hour, per campaign.

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    How does the Robot software work?

    The Robot Dialer, Robocall Software or Call Automation allows you to automatically send a pre-recorded voice message to millions of users.
    Whether you want to:

    • Relay given information to as many people as possible
    • Launch prospecting, direct marketing and invoice collection campaigns
    • Survey an audience through opinion polls, surveys and other market studies
    Lautomate dappel

    The Kavkom Automatic Calling Machine is THE solution!

    Its automatic dialer, capable of handling a rate of 150,000 calls/hour, allows your company to send out the pre-recorded message of your choice to a large audience in record time, to lay the groundwork for your sales teams through extensive preliminary work, or to collect information thanks to the intelligent interactive server. Kavkom’s automatic dialing software is scalable, customizable and therefore easy to use.

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    The advantages of the Robot Caller

    Power and simplicity 
    Power & simplicity

    Intelligent dialing solution for your information, prospecting and marketing campaigns, the KAVKOM automatic call robot is based on an automatic dialer, capable of making 150,000 calls/hour, simultaneously, and of broadcasting customized messages to hundreds of thousands of people in record time. The recording of voice messages, setting of parameters and follow-up of the campaigns… everything is controlled by an intuitive online software.

    Miniaturized call center
    Miniaturized call center

    Are you on your own managing your company or department? Kavkom call automation broadcasts your voice messages with the reliability of a professional call center. This online software can place thousands of phone calls simultaneously, transmit personalized pre-recorded messages to your target audience, collect information, redirect interested prospects to sales agents thanks to the Interactive Voice Server, display your results in realtime statistical tools… All this from your personal computer, at your fingertips.

    Connected Interactive Server
    Connected Interactive Server

    Following the mass broadcast of your pre-recorded message, the “Interactive Server” feature of Kavkom’s Robot Dialer allows the call recipient to interact using their keyboard. By analyzing the recipient’s choices on the pre-set menu, the Robot Dialer collects the information transmitted or redirects it to the appropriate operator. It’s the right interactive voice solution for active campaigns!

    Personalized voice messages
    Personalized voice messages

    The Kavkom automatic calling machine brings Robocalling into a new era. Text-to-Speech Technology, allows the creation of pre-recorded voice messages that include the name of each recipient or any other personalized information at the time the message is broadcast. The prospect, convinced of the relevance of the delivered message, then listens to it with a more attentive ear.

    Simple call lists like an Excel tab 
    Simple call lists like an Excel tab

    The use of the Kavkom Robot Dialer software is very simple. No special computer knowledge is required. A simple Excel sheet with the contact information of your prospects is all you need to create your call lists. Import them in one click into the software, launch the campaigns and receive a simple reading of the results in realtime.


    Robot Dialer

    Power & simplicity
    Launch the campaigns and get a simple reading of the results in real time

    System access

    99.00 € / Monthly

    no limit of user or simoultanous call

    Recharge per minute

    France landline

    0.015 €/min

    France mobile

    0.060 €/min

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    Fields of action of the Call Robot


    Do you aspire to qualify your prospect files?

    The Kavkom call robot allows you to clear your prospect files by contacting and qualifying them using the Interactive Server. The most responsive prospects are redirected to operators.

    Political Campaigns
    Political Campaigns

    Want to reach more potential voters?

    With Robot Dialer, spread your message to tens of thousands of potential voters and generate a “good buzz” around your election campaign.

    Charity work
    Charity work

    Do you want to facilitate fundraising for your association?

    Fundraising has never been easier than with the Kavkom Robot Dialer. Use predictive dialing to find potential donors or volunteers.


    Are you looking for solutions to simplify the payment of your customer invoices?

    The Kavkom Robot Dialer contacts your customers concerned and directs them to your company’s invoicing department. Their invoice is simply paid on time.

    Event notifications
    Event notifications

    Do you feel the need to inform your community?

    Weather alerts; association, school or community center events; commercial or promotional operations…the Robot Dialer gets all the information out to your audience, whatever its size.

    Software designed for Call Centers

    robot d’appel automatique

    Kavkom Robot Dialer, the user’s guide

    1. Set up the system via the Kavkom management interface… and let it do the rest. Once set up, it does not require any human intervention.
    2. Import thousands of prospects. Upload your contact list from a simple Excel sheet.
    3. Choose your audio message by selecting the audio file provided or record a custom message.
    4. Launch the campaign
    • Start the Auto Dialer program. The dialer program automatically dials the phone numbers one after the other and plays the selected audio file. You can play different messages for answering machines.
    • If necessary, activate the interactive server feature. Configure the various server options to direct your caller as near as possible to their request.

    All confidential information from these calls can be saved for analysis and processing if necessary, always in compliance with the GDPR in effect since May 25th, 2018.


    Request a personalized quote based on your business needs.