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Our team:

By simplifying their business communications, KAVKOM aims to improve the productivity of its clients so they can enjoy the success they deserve.


Marc Klein

President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 2012

Marc Klein holds a Certificate in Business Administration and has over 10 years of experience in the managed web hosting, datacenter colocation, and IP transit services. As founder, President & CEO of KAVKOM since 2012, Mr. Klein is responsible for the overall management of the company including sales and marketing, as well as product development, and partnerships.


The best way to predict the future is to invent it.


David Mayar

Sales director since 2013

David Mayar has dedicated his career path to building highly customer-centred sales teams within leading organizations from entrepreneurial startup to global enterprise. Certificate in international trade, Jordan has experience in unified communications, IP telephony, environmental sector, and global education. Joining KAVKM at the beginning of 2013 has allowed David to make use of his cross-functional and collaborative style as he is responsible for continued growth of the direct selling team.


Tailor offer to the specific needs of each client.


Daniel Karsenti

Directeur Technique (CTO) depuis 2012

Daniel Karsenti is an expert in computer systems administration, computer networking, and IP telephony with over 10 years of experience in the field. Mr. Karsenti joined KAVKOM since its founding in 2012 and has been since the main architect of its telecommunications platform. He is responsible for overseeing the infrastructure as well as setting the company’s direction in terms of technology initiatives, partnerships, and product development.


To lead KAVKOM at the forefront of technological innovation, in order to do the same for our customers.


Jonathan Goldstein

Director of Software Development since 2013

Jonathan Goldstein is a full-stack developer with over 15 years of experience in software development and integration. He instantiated the KAVKOM development team in 2013 as lone developer, and since made it grow with true new talents. He is in charge of conducting his team through the process of software projects development.



the urgent matters are done, impossible ones are in progress, regarding miracles foresee deadlines.


Noah Stein

HR Director

With a Master Degree in management and human ressources engineering and as occupational psychologists, Noah has held Head of Recruitment position and Head of HR Development position at various high tech companies. Having joined KAVKOM in 2015, she is now responsible for HR and career development, which includes recruitment, career management and internal training. She uses her several professional experiences to strengthen and grow KAVKOM teams.



The experience of each employee is the strength of the entire company.

KAVKOM it is also a powerful and innovative marketing service with a Web development booming. The marketing team led by Marie Claire Leroux works in close collaboration with our graphic design office to obtain the best synergies.

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