The Kavkom SoftPhone streamlines your business telephony making it lighter, smoother and, above all, more mobile. This software interface brings IP telephony and its digital toolkit to every connected terminal, computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s an ode to mobility and collaborative management.

The Kavkom Softphone, IP telephony

High Definition telephony comes to your computer – or your tablet – thanks to Kavkom’s VoIP telephony software. With this softphone, your telephone line is no longer plugged into a landline, but rather an online account that functions with the IP protocol, thereby offering great flexibility of use.

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Softphone Kavkom, reasons behind the success of VoIP telephony

Telephony software – or app – on the internet

The Softphone is a software – or an app – that allows you to make or receive phone calls via an IP line from a computer – or smartphone. In addition to a drastic reduction in call costs, this made-in-Kavkom software handles file transfers, chat windows, video conferencing, and a whole range of functions that enrich the telephony experience for companies and their customers.

Telephony via mobile or computer

Equipped with a broadband internet connection, and once the Softphone is installed, you can make VoIP calls from your computer, tablet or mobile. 100% unlimited High Definition calls!

The advantages of VoIP telephony via SoftPhone and its digital tools

  • Practical because of its intuitive interface, advantageous in terms of packages and call costs, the Kavkom Softphone promotes the mobility of your operators. On the move? Teleworking? Whatever the case may be, it forwards the VoIP phone line and all of its features to any computerized terminal with internet access.
  • Compatible with many peripheral devices, this telephony software lets you use, for example, a headset. And your connected operators can update customer records via the built-in Hybrid CRM wherever they may be.

For these reasons, Softphone technology is a real success today.

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