Call Center

The needs of Call Centers in terms of telephony are crucial. Kavkom provides these Call Centers with the complete arsenal of business telephony solutions, guaranteeing a good level of campaign performance.

Call Centers and telephony, a strategic choice

Despite the multiplication of new channels of communication, the telephone remains the preferred channel for customers to stay in touch with their company. Call centers occupy a highly strategic position with respect to the company’s customers, partners or suppliers. At the beginning of the chain, they are the first interlocutors, the brand’s image ambassadors. They play a leading role in marketing campaigns, on inbound or outbound calls – Prospecting, lead qualification, appointment taking, opinion surveys… it is essential that they are efficient in handling calls and files. And that their telephone infrastructure is on par with the company’s ambitions. The choice of the company’s telephone solution is therefore essential for Call Centers. And this, for several reasons.

Call Center

The needs of Call Centers in terms of telephony

Call centers need:

To provide exceptional call quality, be able
to instill confidence in the prospect

  • Phone System with IPBX VOIP technology
  • Autonomous transmission channels, without a host network
  • High-Definition voice quality and fluidity
  • 100% digital monitoring

To guarantee an accessible, responsive
and customer-oriented telephone reception

  • Closeness and confidence/prospecting
  • Voice messages and on-hold music
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Virtual switchboard distributing incoming calls: two-way calls, call waiting…
  • International Virtual Numbers, assignment of geographic call group

To ensure a high level of productivity by giving
their operators the capacity to handle large call volumes

  • Predictive Dialer: predictive dialing software
  • Robot Dialer: Automatic call and voice message broadcast system
  • Interactive menu and information gathering
  • Quality call routing
  • Detection and avoidance of answering machines, wrong numbers, fax…

To aim for excellence in following-up on files and
the fluidity of the customer relationship

  • Automatic file retrieval
  • Comments and Qualification
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Call notifications
  • Sending/Receiving messages
  • Customizable sales pitches

To track and analyze the performance
of call campaigns using stable indicators

  • Call history
  • Conversation recording
  • Statistical tables, aggregate and sectoral
  • Tools for analysis and rapid decision-making

To ensure the supervision and progress
of the teleprospecting teams.

  • Supervision tools developed collaboratively
  • Cloud-based recording and storage of conversations
  • Data relative to the processing of files
  • Features for monitoring and eavesdropping on conversations
  • Intervention and conferences between supervisor, operator and customer

To benefit from a light, high-performance
and easy-to-manage telephone system
All on a controlled budget.

  • Centralized installation, on an online interface
  • Single switchboard, even for multiple sites
  • Management of the telephone fleet via web interface
  • Line modifications in 1 click
  • No maintenance or undue costs

Kavkom, innovative telephony tools for call centers

Kavkom’s enterprise telephony tools allow businesses to meet the specific needs of their call centers– and their operators – if not exceed their expectation thanks to the development of extremely practical features. Sales representatives, connected to the IP Phone System, assisted by Kavkom tools – Predictive Dialer, international virtual numbers, Call Robots… – take calls, track files on the online interface, qualify leads on the Hybrid CRM and convert them under the best possible conditions. And all this, in just a few clicks, using a simple internet connection.

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