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A tailor-made technical assistance.
Superior technical support is extremely important to us. Our experts are happy to assist you in operating your telephony solutions and software offers, as well as supporting you and answering your technical questions covering the wide range of applications and assets in the new world of business telecommunications.

Our customers get an immediate  response, enjoy close contact and personalized services through a dedicated technician. He knows the specific needs of the company to which he is assigned and gives the most effective response.

Enjoy the many benefits of KAVKOM technical support.

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our corporate culture. Our technical support team places great emphasis on providing you fast, simple and professional support. In this vein, we are able to put you in direct contact with a highly qualified technician via our support service.

Our customers can rely on our high value-added services. Customized, tailored-made services, in-depth expertise and product upgrades  make our technical support an essential asset for the smooth operation of our telephony solutions and Software offerings.




Provide a quick access to ‘product’ experts to get a diagnosis and instantly fix technical problems.


Provide an access to product improvements and new technologies to maintain your facilities at the best level.


To help maximize the value of KAVKOM products and solutions.



A team of experts always available for you.
Dedicated technicians for a better customer care.
Reliable support services in multiple business sectors and geographical areas.


Do you need technical advice, configuration help on our products, diagnostics and resolving failure?
Our team is at your disposal to find you the ideal solution whatever your request.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be always here to help.



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Do not hesitate to consult the FAQ section (frequently asked questions), which very often contains the answer you are looking for.

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