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telemarketing software

How telemarketing software does it work?

Telemarketing software is an automatic calling system which allows calls to be made without dialing the recipient’s number. This is a practical and effective solution for call centers when they receive a digital version of a contact list from their clients.

The principle is simple: all you need to do is import the file containing the telephone numbers of the contacts, clients or prospects into a specific program which will then automatically dial the desired number.

The operation begins by setting up a ‘campaign’. Once you have imported the list of contacts, the program dials each number avoiding duplications and omissions, and without the intervention of your agents.

The telemarketing software is Automatic calls can be made randomly or following an order predefined by an agent. Our program also provides the option of manual dialing.



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All of our packages include unlimited calls to Landlines|Mobiles with no time limit and no surprises on your bills.

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