interactive voice response server -

interactive voice response server

Improve the efficiency of your incoming calls options thanks to our Interactive Voice Server

All your incoming calls are answered, directed via a pre-recorded script and qualified to ring to the right person. There is no more time wasted in receiving your calls.Your corporate image can only be improved by this system.

Implementation takes place instantly. Once the message has been recorded, KAVKOM takes care of the rest… We set up a menu (type 1 for the commercial service, type 2 for…). You can choose the direction you want, regardless of your collaborators’ geographical location.

You can also choose to distribute only practical information related to your company or general information, as well as to redirect calls to a mailbox… the possibilities are diverse!

You decide whether you want to enable this service from your virtual desktop.

KAVKOM also gives you access to analysis toolsto study the different incoming calls and adapt your strategy accordingly..

This feature is included in the telephony offer and KAVKOM remains with you to assist you at all time.


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