More and more companies are opting for teleworking. This new mode of work scheduling, which takes into account quality-of-life issues, mobility, environmental protection and natural phenomena, is a natural choice for both employers and employees. And given the modernity of the telephony tools offered by Kavkom, they would be wrong to go without it!

IP Telephony, working from home or at the office

Teleworking consists of carrying out a professional activity from home on an occasional or permanent basis. Made easier by the evolution of communication and telephony tools, the challenge of this new lifestyle lies in the teleworker’s ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, clients and suppliers as if they were in their usual work environment. Particularly popular in the event of a move, a health issue or simply a desire for mobility, teleworking is meant to enable teleworkers to maintain a level of activity and performance whether they live in the country, abroad or are on business trips, as if they were in the office.


To ensure the continuity of their activity, the teleworker must be able to remain reachable, to do so, benefit from secure, high-quality communications and access to their entire workstation. Historically, teleworkers used to use the laptop and mobile phone provided by the company. Sometimes they were even forced to use their personal computer and mobile. VoIP Telephony has revolutionized these uses. The key is to choose a configuration adapted to the size, infrastructure and specific needs of each company.

Telephony needs of employees in terms of telework or mobility

Teleworkers need:

To be connected to the company’s telephone infrastructure, such as in the office

  • Access corporate telephony, just like in the office, with a simple Internet connection
  • Web interface combining a complete corporate telephony system and multi-function CRM
  • Cloud VoIP telephony solution, allowing the placing and receiving of calls
  • Connected to all chosen workstations, telephones and computers; landlines and mobiles
  • Access to a workstation from the interface, with call and customer relationship data

To be reachable at any time, wherever they are in the world

  • Assign your teleworker a unique number, regardless of their geographic location
  • Virtual number, locally priced in more than 40 countries
  • A unique number allowing the teleworker to keep their phone line in any situation
  • Kavkom app for mobile conference calls, with similar features
  • Configuration of the telephone answering service according to opening hours and the service offered

An easy to install and economical telephone installation

  • The VoIP telephony solution for teleworkers is as light as it is economical
  • Activation in less than a minute with simple broadband internet connection
  • Number creation, user adding, tool integration and configuration in a few clicks
  • Cloud telephony solution with no installation, hardware or maintenance costs
  • Complete and cost-effective package offers… on the company account

Maintain a level of productivity equivalent to that of the office

  • Benefit from a range of tools for your productivity and maintaining team efficiency
  • Instant access to all online contacts and files: notes and records
  • Synchronization of customer information in the CRM via customizable folders and tags
  • Scheduling of file follow-up on the Agenda and Assignment of tasks to team members
  • Contextualized call transfers, multi-party conference calls… just like at the office

Manage their schedules and working hours

  • Guarantee non-stop call reception by setting teleworker schedules on the IPBX Switchboard.
  • Definition of working hours and availability that can be configured from a workstation
  • Interactive Voice Server configured to distribute the call according to availability
  • Pre-pickup: immediate call handling, with on-hold music and messages
  • Two-way calls, queuing, message recording and notifications in case of absence

To benefit from a continuous follow-up on work progress

  • Support the progress of teleworking operators with remote supervision tools.
  • Analysis of call statistics and case processing performance
  • Realtime monitoring of the teleworker’s phone activity (availability, call duration)
  • Cloud-based recording and storage of conversations and call data
  • Conversation monitoring devices, Intervention and coaching in realtime if need be

To be an integral part of life at the company

  • Discuss in realtime with employees, customers and suppliers from around the world
  • Economical: billed at conditions similar to traditional calls
  • Set up the conference call in a few minutes and invite participants via email
  • Up to 30 participants simultaneously in the best conditions of confidentiality
  • Softphones for placing/receiving calls and video conferences from one’s computer

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