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KAVKOM Unified Communications

Streamline each one of your enterprise communications tools into one simple, high-performing system.

KAVKOM Unified Communications

KAVKOM unified communication solution allows you to unify all your informatics tools, collaboration and communication tools in one single interface. For all your employees and collaborators. You can thus keep in touch at all times on the entire platform, regardless of your location.

Be independent
When you are called upon to work outside the office, forget about long-distance charges and stay in contact with your business at reduced costs, even when traveling.
Particularly useful for businesses with many offices.

Work from anywhere
Get the chance to work from home or from anywhere else thanks to a communications solution that facilitates telework. Hold conference calls involving many participants and be connected as if you all hold in-house positions.

Consolidate your communications

Integrate a communications system between each of your devices and set up collaborations between your teams and channels and our multiplatform, unified communications application.


Stay informed of your employees’ current availability status, and send documents, files, and instant messages wherever you like while making your business calls.

Download kavkom softphone application, streamline your team communications and collaboration :


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